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7 Factors A Bail Hearing Judge May Use To Grant or Deny Bail

A court hearing on bail is held to determine if a defendant is eligible for release, if so, how much they will pay. However, bail is not always a guarantee and may be denied if the court deems it’s in society’s best interest for you to remain behind bars. What are some of the factors a judge will take into consideration? 24 Hour Downtown Houston Bail Bond


  • Assets and Income – A defendant who has plenty of assets and money may end up paying more in bail, whereas an indigent person may be subjected to a lesser bail amount. A court will consider your employment status and determine that a loss in employment may affect your ability to pay fines and bail.


  • Community Corrections – A person who has strong community ties may be deemed less likely to skip out on bail. For example, if you own a business or your whole family lives in the area, a judge may feel you won’t try running.


  • Court and Criminal History – People who have already been convicted of a crime, especially those who have a history of not appearing in court, will either pay more in bail or remain in custody until court.  If you’ve previously been granted bail multiple times, your bail amount could be much higher than a first-time defendant. Find Houston’s best Bail Bondsman here


  • Family Obligations – A court will look at your family obligations to determine how much bail to impose. If you are the sole provider for your family and facing a misdemeanor charge, you may be required to pay a minimal amount.


  • Flight Risk – If a judge feels you are at risk of skipping bail and leaving the jurisdiction, you may be denied bail and must remain in police custody until your court date. This may happen when you’re facing a lengthy prison sentence or death sentence.


  • Public Safety – You could be denied bail if the court feels you are a threat to others’ safety or the community in general.  For instance, if you are facing a conspiracy to commit terrorist acts, the judge may feel you will try and pull out your threat while out on bail. Reliable Bail Bond Company


  • Type Of Crime – If you’re facing a serious charge, such as aggravated assault, assault with a deadly weapon or something else, the judge may decide a higher bail amount is necessary as a deterrent for further criminal acts while out on bail.




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